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Laura Poitras: Astro Noise

Assistant Sound Designer

"In an installation called “Bed Down Location,” we are invited to lie on a carpeted platform in a darkened gallery and look up at video projections of star-filled night skies in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. When a daylight projection comes on, shot at a military test site in Nevada, drones streak like bullets above us. The implication is that they’re present, but invisible, in the African and Asian skies, too, which encourages us to scan those vistas more closely, see them differently."

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Diode Logic

Sound Designer and Composer

An experimental work at the intersection of embodied games, live performance, and dance. 

Participant-players took on the roles of futuristic hackers, rhythmically using their bodies to bypass security protocols and access the secret servers of a questionable corporation.

The game was performed in November 2018, at the NEON show in Brooklyn, NY.

Song Inside Your Head

Installation Artist

This is an electronic musical instrument that translates an image of brain connections into sound. The image is of connections in the auditory cortex of the human brain, and was laser etched slice by slice, dot by dot, onto plexliglass slides. As the light moves through the instrument, a sound plays that corresponds to each slide based on the x, y coordinates of each dot on the slide. The x coordinate determines the location of the sound from left to right, and the y coordinate determines the pitch of the sound from low to high.

Materials: arduino, LED strip, Mac Mini, plexiglass, wood

Museum Hack Audio Tour

Audio Editor, Composer, and Sound Designer

Reimagining of a visitors' experience. To learn more, click here.

Game Night #5

Language Interactive Art Show

Location- Denny Gallery, New York, New York.

Sound Designer and Performer

Alastor Sibly’s Principles of Applied Esoterica and the Arts of Incantation for Young Adults of Consequence and Magical Talent by Sharang Biswas and Max Seidman. Live sound design, mixing, and electronic improvisation by Rebecca Drapkin. Students will receive a thorough grounding on contemporary theories of magical utterances, as well as applications of incantations. Lessons will culminate in practical exams in the use of Proto Esoterica, as befitting young adults of breeding.

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